Mysteries of Space

A powerful cinematic pack featuring four atmospheric sci-fi tracks that focus on the mystery and awe of what lies beyond our world. All four tracks mix orchestral and electronica elements to create immersive otherworldly soundscapes.

Beyond the Stars – A powerful sci-fi cinematic track that blends orchestral and electronica instrumentation to create an epic and deeply surreal atmosphere of anxious enthusiasm and awe-inspiring expectations.

Dreamscape – A surreal and peaceful ambient track that creates a dreamlike soundscape with the help of a diverse array of synths for an otherworldly effect and choir that creates an emotional layer. The tone of the track is quite uplifting and relaxing.

Journey Through Time and Space – A sci-fi/dramatic track that evokes a sense of wonder and adventure. The song mixes electronica instrumentation with orchestral arrangements and percussions to generate an epic atmosphere and a powerful thematic statement.

Sunrise On An Alien Planet – A powerful sci-fi/dramatic cinematic track that evokes a mysterious atmosphere, quiet solitude and a sense of grandeur. The instrumentation mixes synths, orchestral instruments (flute) and choir to achieve a surreal and deeply emotional effect.

Track Listing: