Motivational Pack

This is a motivational package made up of three tracks. Good for advertisements, video reviews, home archives, ambiance, and other inspiring projects. Variety of instruments, good mood, excellent mixing and rich palette of sounds.

1. Dance At An Unusual Rhythm – 2:10

This modern track is good for dancing. The tempo of the track changes, in one part 5/8 alternates with 6/8, and the finally is 4/4. A track with elements of Scottish and Irish dance rhythms was made. Also works well for advertisements and feature films. There are three versions in the folder:
  • Dance At An Unusual Rhythm 1 – 2:10
  • Dance At An Unusual Rhythm 2 – 1:14
  • Dance At An Unusual Rhythm 3 – 1:04

2. Motivational Swing Pendulum – 1:53

This track is for your most ambitious projects. Bass and drums swing the track rhythmically, the melody of a Chinese instrument and bells unusually fit into the track palette, and sound effects and pads envelop the composition and create spaciousness. Three versions of the track:
  • Motivational Swing Pendulum 1 – 1:53
  • Motivational Swing Pendulum 2 – 0:53
  • Motivational Swing Pendulum 3 – 1:06

3. Wind For Sails – 1:53

This is an inspirational track for ads, travel reviews, social media, movies, youtube and other motivational projects. Beautiful, catchy melody, electric piano, metallophone, atmospheric pad, percussion and drums.

There is more good and high quality music here:


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