Motivational Epic Rock Mini Pack

Powerful, dark, dramatic, anxious, tense, cinematic, inspirational and epic rock trailer takes us to the top from the first note! This piece of music is an energetic, powerful, modern track with catchy guitars and string ensemble. Featuring distortion guitars, bass, drums, synths, impacts etc.

It is perfect for action&sports videos, trailers, teasers, advertising, commercials and other dynamic projects(Rock video, Rock commercial, Rock advertising, Rock presentation, Rock podcast, Rock youtube, Rock slideshow, Rock titles, Rock promo, Rock trailer, Rock movie, Rock show, Rock intro).

Mood and style: Energetical Music, Action Trailer, Motivation, Energy Rock Music, Epic Music.

1.Motivational Sport Rock :

Motivational Sport Rock – [1:29];

Motivational Sport Rock_short – [0:41];
2.Motivational Epic Trailer:

Motivational Epic Trailer – [1:38];

Motivational Epic Trailer_short – [0:47];
3.Motivational Epic Sport:

Motivational Epic Sport – [1:26];

Motivational Epic Sport_short – [0:42];

Motivational Epic Sport – [0:43];

Bigger Pack – Rock Trailer Epic Pack:

Trailers /\/\/\/\ Corporate /\/\/\/\ Chillout
Technology&Science /\/\/\/\ Workout&Fitness /\/\/\/\ Racing&Speed


Upbeat /\/\/\/\ Serious&Intense /\/\/\/\ Powerful /\/\/\/\ Inspirational /\/\/\/\ Dark /\/\/\/\ Motivational /\/\/\/\ Calm
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