MailWizard Addon For Bicrypto - AI Image Generator, AI Content Generator, Drag&Drop Email Editor

MailWizard Addon For Bicrypto - AI Image Generator, AI Content Generator, Drag&Drop Email Editor

Transform Your Email Campaigns with MailWizard

  1. Campaigns Manager: Streamline your email campaigns with efficient handling and tracking features.
  2. Templates Manager: Customize and control your email templates with ease for consistent branding.
  3. AI Image Generator: Generate captivating images instantly using AI technology to enhance your emails.
  4. AI Text Generator: Craft engaging and relevant email content automatically with AI-powered text generation.
  5. AI Text Rewriter: Refresh and optimize existing content with intelligent AI-driven text rewriting.
  6. AI Title Suggestion: Generate compelling email titles using smart AI suggestions for better open rates.
  7. AI Button Creator: Design and implement effective call-to-action buttons easily with AI assistance.
  8. Mail Audit: Conduct detailed audits of your email campaigns for insights and improvements.
  9. Live Mail Editor: Edit and update your emails in real-time for immediate campaign adjustments.
  10. HTML Snippets Support: Integrate a variety of HTML snippets including countdowns, social links, videos, and images.
  11. Regular Email Offers: Engage your users consistently with regular emails and offers tailored to their preferences.
  12. Blocks and Templates: Save time and maintain consistency with reusable blocks and templates.
  13. Desktop / Mobile Support: Ensure your emails look great on all devices with comprehensive desktop and mobile support.

Support contacts

Demo User:

Demo Admin:
  • Create a new account and comment to us to get an admin role due to the security system preventing usage of the same account by multiple users

Requirements (minimum):

  • A Knowledge in running a server or any hosting with ssh and root access
  • Node JS +18
  • Apache +2.4.49 Or Nginx
  • Server with SSH that has Permissions, not shared server without any permissions
  • VPS at least 4GB RAM to be able to execute orders smoothly
  • Make sure the provider allows the services of trading or referral system you are going to implant
  • Make sure the VPS country is allowed by the provider you going to purchase like Binance or Kucoin or use Ecosystem if you want global coverage without the usage of providers

Security Notes:

  • After support inquiries that require debugging any internal issues in your VPS, you always have to secure and change your credentials for security and never share them with any thirdparty
  • If you use an unauthorized version and face any issues/errors or security issues then we are not responsible for that.
Version 3.0.0 - Jan 05, 2024
     - fully reworked for bicrypto v3