Low-poly cartoon medieval dungeon interior asset

Low-poly cartoon medieval dungeon interior asset

This is cartoon medieval dungeon interior asset(399 objects)


chest-10 furniture-22 candle/light-23 vase/coins-34 potion and beverage-28 wall/floor/others-118 sacrophage and coffin-5 barell/box and others-31 flag-6 fence-14 cage/bones-36 weapons-66 carts-6 Create in Blender 3d v 2.93.5

File formats:

Blender 3d v 2.93.5 OBJ; MTL Fbx Gltf The preview images were rendered in Blender 3d (Cycles; 1024 Samples)

Materials: 15

Vertices: 227151; Polygons: 195002

The model does not contscene scene shown in the preview renders, only individual models.

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Author Tykryk
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