Lite Hip Hop Show

Lite Hip Hop Show is an energetic and positive boom-bap track that encourages action. A positive riff is uplifting, motivating and inspires.

This piece uses energetic rhythms with percussion, piano, organ, wind instruments, scratch elements, and all this is complemented by a bass part.

The track is ideal for sounding YouTube videos, slideshows and commercials for sports, sports stores, sporting goods, soft drinks and energy drinks, street culture, and trendy youth clothing. In addition, it is ideal as an introductory screen saver for youth TV series or films and travel channels on YouTube.

The track is presented in three versions:

Version 1: 2:06

Version 2: 1:04

Version 3: 0:25

The package has versions in WAV and MP3 formats!

Enjoy it!

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