Light Comedy and Reality Show Pack

A selection of 4 upbeat, lighthearted tracks to accompany comedic moments and light reality TV shows.

These pieces could accompany:

- cooking / arts / baking / sewing competitions
- romantic comedies, dramedies, sitcoms and sketch shows
- lighthearted moments in dramas and documentaries
- humorous vlogs, YouTube videos and presentations
- quiz shows, panel shows etc


Light Comedy – 1:34 (starts at 0:00)

Upbeat, light comedic soundtrack.

Bustling pizzicato strings lead the way through this light hearted, positive and amusing piece that would suit moments of light comedy and bright scenes in dramedy style films. Various orchestral instruments join the texture as this sunny, optimistic piece continues.

Marimba 1:14 (starts at 1:35)

Upbeat, percussive marimba-led soundtrack for bright, fun projects.

An exciting and vibrant blend of percussion instruments, including marimba, celeste, xylophone, glockenspiel and woodblocks, create a fun, uplifting and lively track suitable for projects with a sense of fun and lightheartedness.

Quirky Dramedy Percussion 1:14 (starts at 2:49)

Quirky and fun percussion solo.

This array of fun and quirky percussion instruments creates a jaunty rhythm that provides a great upbeat accompaniment to comedic moments.

Romantic Comedy 1:34 (starts at 4:03)

Quirky music for a comedic feel..

This breezy and lighthearted orchestral piece creates an uplifting, fun atmosphere for comedic moments in your projects. A spritely pizzicato strings melody is backed by some quirky percussion and jazz piano, resulting in a bright and entertaining texture.

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