Leo - AI Image Generation and Gallery

Leo - AI Image Generation and Gallery

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leonardo theme leonardo theme leonardo theme leonardo theme

leonardo theme

The AI Image Generator and Gallery PHP Script Theme is a powerful and versatile tool that combines the capabilities of artificial intelligence and PHP scripting to create stunning image galleries.

This theme leverages AI technology to generate high-quality images based on user-defined parameters, providing an effortless way to generate unique and visually appealing content. Users can specify various attributes such as color schemes, styles, objects, or even specific image categories, allowing for highly customizable outputs.

Additionally, the PHP scripting component of the theme enables seamless integration with existing websites or web applications. It provides a user-friendly interface for managing and organizing image galleries, allowing users to create AI generated Images with Dall-e and Stable Diffusion , categorize, and customize their generated images.


  • Please note that this is theme of King Media Script. Requires it to work! You can buy it HERE
  • You need Dall-e or KingStudio Api for the generate AI Images . These are 3rd party AI service provider that provides a paid service.
  • Updates v3.5

    added AI prompter 
    added new model Proteus
    added nsfw stable diffusion
    added expanding text area
    fixed some bugs

    Updates v3

    added new model Dalle 3 
    added new model Realistic Vision
    added new model DreamShaper
    added new model PixArt
    added new model Playground 
    added new model Open Dall-e
    added new sizes,
    fixed some bugs

    Updates v2.6

    added image download option 
    added tab to generate page,
    improved image upload speed,
    fixed some bugs

    Updates v2.5

    added private post feature
    added my private posts page
    updated stable diffusion
    added auto image upload after generated
    added remove image after uploaded
    added private post creation
    fixed some bugs

    Updates v2.2

    added image creation limits for free users
    added webp format for thumbs
    fixed some bugs

    Updates v2

    improved AI image generation
    optimized post thumbs
    improved image size and quality
    fixed some bugs

    Updates v1.3

    fixed some bugs

    Updates v1.2

    added image creation limits for plans
    fixed some bugs

    Updates v1.1

    added negative prompt for stable diffusion,
    added download ai generated images button
    fixed some bugs