borderless FullScreen working for Autodesk MaYa. focus to a panel borderless. just see what you are working on. get whole screen to only panel that you are working on it. hide all other usefull UI elements. borderless and fullscreen workspace. modeling ? hypershader? no problem. ktToggleRealFullScreen removes every User Interface on screen to make you focus on viewport only! you will see only your viewport. and no any UserInterface thus working goes so clear. (especially if you are working on notebook this is a need.because of every pixel is a need on workspace)

installation: put script to Scripts Directory run once this command : source ktToggleRealFullScreen;

it will initially assigns ALT+RETURN. than you can use this shortcut in maya. no need to run command (above) each maya startup.just use hotkey.

100% compatible with maya 2015+,2014,2013,2012,2011,2010,2009 probably also maya 7.0 too. (windows platform only)

(note: if you are looking for pixelperfect borderless solution you have to set $FIXED_NUMBER variable added on top of the mel script.set it to 6 or 9 etc)

updates version 1.3 (1.1.2015) – script wasnt working on maya 2016 due to scripting fundamentals has been dramatically changed in maya. fixed – for pixelperfect borderless solution $FIXED_NUMBER variable added on top of the mel script.

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