Inspiring Corporate Technology

Inspiring Upbeat Corporate Technology Digital Background Tech Music with Synths, Electronics, Pads and Piano. Emotional Future Bass Soundtrack mixed with Soft Atmospheric Uplifting Tech Science Style Music.

Inspiring and emotional abstract synths electronic music. Bright and soft beautiful melodies, inspiring piano and lite percussions, soft and melodic synths, uplifting and beautiful mood with positive and modern corporate sound. Inspiring and motivational background abstract ambient music for uplifting commercial videos.

Version 1 – 01:22 sec

Version 2 – 00:53 sec

Version 3 – 00:36 sec

Version 4 (loop)– 00:14 sec

Uplifting and positive atmospheric digital future bass and corporate music with synths and piano. Bright melodies and emotions for inspiring background and motivational mood.

Main instruments: synth, digital bass, drums, 808 bass, stomp, claps, snaps, piano, one shots, percussion, electronic, pads, atmospheres.

Mood: positive, night, emotions, tech, future, stars, sky, fly, digital, busines, medicine, science, corporate, intro, motivation, advertising, adventure, inspiring, tv, fashion, style, family, friends, tv, upbeat uplfting, happy, bright, sun, summer, light, energy, pop, business, uplifting emotions, tech, happy.

You can use it for: adventure videos, nature, advertising videos, tv videos, landscapes, digital products, youtube commercial and private content, video games, video trailers, presentations and intro outro of any happy and positive projects, background music for movie or documentary films, family videos, videos from vlog, video from wedding, gym, fashion, bright videos, nature, epic competition and more!