Industrial Revolution

History of Industrial Revolution

An overview of the industrial revolution that started in the 1780s. The change of technology along with history has become tremendous these days. And today the James Webb Space Telescope entered orbit. Humanity will now be able to explore further into the universe.Here is the last point of the industrial revolution.


  • The project consists of two versions. Pre-Render and Plugin version
  • Plug-in required: Element 3D
  • After Effects 2018 and above
  • 3D scenes are included in the project
  • 8 Text Placeholders
  • Descriptive help file included


How To Fix Element 3D Missing File Error

Element 3D often loses its 3D file path. This is a known problem and there is no need to worry as the solution is simple. You can use this tutorial on Youtube for this. Tutorial. It is also stated in the help document simple.e with images

Still Frames

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