HTML 3D Component

HTML 3D Component
  1. Custom 3D Component

The Custom 3D Component is a lightweight JavaScript-based custom HTML element that allows you to seamlessly embed 3D models on your web page with customizable features. This element can display 3D models in glTF/GLB format, and it provides parameters for controlling the URL, poster image, height, width, lazy loading, hdr and image background.

  1. Features

- Display 3D models using a simple custom HTML element. - Control the 3D model’s appearance with various parameters: – url: Set the URL of the 3D model. – poster: Display an image while the model is loading or when 3D content is not supported. – height: Adjust the height of the 3D model element. – width: Customize the width of the 3D model element. – lazy: Enable or disable lazy loading to optimize performance. -reveal: wait for user click to display the model hdr: image light for the 3D environment -bkgd: image background for the 3D environment

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