HollaPRO Web Browser - Desktop Application

HollaPRO Web Browser - Desktop Application

HollaPRO is an open source web browser application that manages design and functions with react using the chromium kernel built on electron.
It works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux operating systems.
It takes up little space on the computer and minimizes the processing power.
If you want to develop and create a browser yourself, HollaPRO is for you.

Normal chromium is quite difficult to render and build a browser.
HollaPRO does a pretty good job at this.

How to Install HollaPRO. Watch Before You Buy.


  • Multiple window management.
  • Cross-tab management. Grouping, pinning tabs.
  • Chrome web store plugin support.
  • crx plugins can be installed. 90 percent compatible.
  • Theme options and color options.
  • New tab page that can be managed remotely.
  • Managing ads from the admin panel.
  • Easy creation from admin panel for application installation.
  • Advanced Administration Panel.
  • And many more features

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Server Requirements

PHP version 5.6 or newer is recommended.
It should work on 5.3.7 as well, but we strongly advise you NOT to run such old versions of PHP, because of potential security and performance issues, as well as missing features.

A database is required for most web application programming. Currently supported databases are:

  • Apache, Nginx or LiteSpeed (Nginx Recommended)
  • mod_rewrite enabled if using Apache
  • SSH access for WhatsApp Server
  • PHP 7.4 or later
  • MySQL 5.7 or later
  • MySQL (5.1+) via the mysql (deprecated), mysqli and pdo drivers
  • Oracle via the oci8 and pdo drivers
  • PostgreSQL via the postgre and pdo drivers
  • MS SQL via the mssql, sqlsrv (version 2005 and above only) and pdo drivers
  • SQLite via the sqlite (version 2), sqlite3 (version 3) and pdo drivers
  • CUBRID via the cubrid and pdo drivers
  • Interbase/Firebird via the ibase and pdo drivers
  • ODBC via the odbc and pdo drivers (you should know that ODBC is actually an abstraction layer)

APP Requirements

  • NodeJS (16)
  • Yarn


Latest Version Released: v1.0.1, View Full Change Log

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