HDR Cinematic Photoshop Actions

HDR Cinematic Photoshop Actions

HDR Cinematic Photoshop Actions

*Create HDR fx artworks in an instant *20Effects – Can be combined to get more effects

Professional Photoshop HDR action created to give your images grungy look with only one click!!

How To Use?

Easy Way:
  1. Open Image
  2. Load action file
  3. Play the action
  4. Play the effects actions


  • Arranged (Layers are arranged in a group folder)
  • Non-destructive actions (The original Image is untouched)
  • Make changes (All layers are editable so you can adjust the effects as you like)


  • Action file
  • Help File
ps-effects lr 02 Untitled-1 lighting-pss ps-bundle

x lens ultravector light vector-paint-bundle aesthetic cyberpunk cartoonic cartoon-oil electrify glitch hdr isolate lightning l-light prisma real-estate real-paint relvec sharpen-hdr skin smudge-paint smudgepro ultra-paint urban-text vectorizer vulcano


I Think that sometimes to Convey The Mood Is more important than Absolute Technical Excellence. Therefore, we make actions whose main task is the sharing of feelings, and not to correct white balance.