Happy Time Pack

Happy Time Pack - 1

Welcome the new pack! This is a great decision to add this sound to your project! It is flexible and could be a good extra emphasis! Use it when you do advertising media, presentations and background use, tv, commercials, advertising, corporate videos, presentations, family friendly slideshows, web videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, photography production, happy family commercial, corporate presentation, motivational projects, radio podcast, emotional tv ads, inspirational kids promos and more.

Happy Time Pack - 2

1. This Happy Time 2:06, 1:31, 0:56, 0:38, 0:21

2. Happy Moments2:14, 1:37, 1:00, 0:41, 0:23

3. Easy Lifestyle2:20, 1:43, 1:07, 0:49, 0:31

Happy Time Pack