Happy Funny Upbeat

Happy Upbeat Folk, Happy Funny Upbeat, Powerful Rock,Indie Rock

Happy Funny Upbeat – commercial Funny and Happy folk music with mood of fun and happiness. Also this Funny kids folk made with playful chords, happy melody and cheerful harmony.

The mood and style suitable for this track: happy folk, ukulele folk, happy ukulele, happy, funny, happy music, happy upbeat, funny music, funny kids, fun, cheerful, cheerful music, playful, playfuk music, playful fun, quirky, quirky fun, quirky upbeat, happy moments, be happy, this is happy, it is happy, happiness, joyful, positive happy, happy folk, fun folk, kids, happy kids, good day, fun music, ukulele, fun energetic, party fun, fun commercial, fun acoustic, acoustic folk, ukulele fun, ukulele happy, cooking, happy ukulele, ukulele folk, kids music, kids fun, kids game, be funny, funny happy.

Included 4 versions of different length (in order as shown in preview):

  • Main [2:01]
  • Medium [1:03]
  • Short 1 [0:30]
  • Short 2 [0:10]
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Price $20.00
Author blackcoffe
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