Halloween Pack

Pack contains three Halloween themes from cartoon to scarry and suspensful:

Halloween Cartoon-2:12

Traditional Halloween orchestral-joke tune. Reminds of some bad Giant coming to stump all over a city .Good for all things Halloween as well as for any video trying to be scary in a mocking way. There is even that spooky theremin sound known from Bela Lugosi and other black and white sci-fi and horror films.
Included are three versions:
1. Halloween Cartoon 2:12
2. Halloween Cartoon 1 min Edit 1:02
3. Halloween Cartoon 30sec Edit 0:35

Halloween Scarry-2:08

Ghostly atmospheric Halloween horror theme. Spooky and creepy guitar with synth effects and ambient voices. Good for any horror video with dark suspenseful atmosphere.
1.Halloween Scarry 2:08

Suspense Tension Piano-1:13

Atmospheric and ambient theme appropriate for Halloween and other spooky,scary videos. It is dark and suspenseful,yet gentle and emotional. Cold repetitive piano and soundscape synth with pulsating bass and long pads ideal for elegant dark ,scary videos, with sense of suspense and foreboding horror. Corona virus, coronavirus,covid19 documentary or breaking news tension scientific music.
1.Suspension Tension Piano 1:13

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