Galactic Wars - Asteroids - HTML5 & Construct 3 C3P Files

Galactic Wars - Asteroids - HTML5 & Construct 3 C3P Files

Explore the Galaxy with Your Own Asteroids Advergame Template!

Unleash the nostalgia and excitement of classic gaming with our meticulously crafted Asteroids Advergame Template!

Perfect for marketers, game developers, and enthusiasts, this comprehensive package includes the fully editable source code, assets, and PSD layered file, allowing you to effortlessly customize and launch your own branded gaming experience.

️ What’s Included:

Source Code: Dive into the heart of the game and tailor it to your brand’s personality. The well-organized and documented code ensures ease of modification for developers of all levels.

Assets Galore: From spaceship design to dynamic asteroid formations, this package includes a wealth of high-quality assets. Modify and enhance visuals to match your brand aesthetic seamlessly.

PSD Layered File: Tweak every detail with the included Photoshop file. The layered PSD allows you to refine graphics, add branding elements, or introduce captivating visuals that align with your marketing goals.

Key Features:

Customization Friendly: No coding expertise required! Effortlessly adapt the game to showcase your brand’s identity.

Engaging Gameplay: Capitalize on the addictive nature of the original Asteroids game to keep your audience entertained and engaged.

Multi-Platform Compatibility: The template is designed for easy deployment across various platforms, ensuring a broad reach for your audience.

Touch & Keyboards controls compatible and auto detected.

Why Choose Our Asteroids Advergame Template?

Quick Deployment: Save valuable time with a ready-to-use template that accelerates your game development process.

Versatility: Suitable for diverse industries – from tech to entertainment, this advergame template is a versatile marketing tool.

Brand Visibility: Immerse your audience in a gaming experience that seamlessly integrates your brand, fostering memorable interactions.

Launch your brand into the gaming universe! Purchase our Asteroids Advergame Template now and level up with an immersive, customizable gaming experience.
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