Futuristic City 14. Skylines

Futuristic City 14. Skylines


Futuristic city skyline architecture with metallic structures rendered in various environments, for science fiction illustration backgrounds. The illustration pack includes 5 original design skylines rendered in a day setup, for a total of 31 files. Each design has 1 environment composition (.JPG with the clipping path included in the file) for immediate, as-is use, and 1 outline (.PNG) ready to insert in posters, book covers, web graphics or sci-fi illustrations.


  • 4 Skylines – .JPG & .PNG 4000×3300 pixels
  • 6 Skylines – JPG & .PNG 4000×3000 pixels
  • 6 Close-up Skylines – JPG & .PNG 4000×3000 pixels
  • 2  Skylines – JPG & .PNG 6000×4500 pixels
  • 4 Organic Skylines – JPG & .PNG 3840×2160 pixels
  • 6  Skylines – JPG & .PNG 6000×4000 pixels

Additional Info:

The illustrations are rendered from original design models in 3D Studio MAX. Additional resolutions or perspective angles are available upon request. For questions, comments or to ask for customized work on this or other 3D models, including animations, send a message on the 3000ad profile page. 

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