File Hosting Plugin for Premium URL Shortener

File Hosting Plugin for Premium URL Shortener

File Hosting Plugin uses the power of Premium URL Shortener and allows you and your users to upload files and track downloads. When enabled, it encrypts uploaded files with industry standard encryption and files can only be decrypted with the correct key phrase or password. Upload, configure settings and add feature to plans and it is live!

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Demo | Download Page
Username: admin
Password: adminpass


  • Branded Download Page – Allow your users to upload their logo, set title and choose color scheme
  • Customization (Domain, Alias, Password, Expiration…)
  • Dedicated Downloads Page
  • Dedicated Promo Page
  • Fully Multilingual
  • Industry Standard Encryption
  • Dashboard File Management
  • Admin Settings & File Management
  • API System & Dedicated API Docs
  • Upload to Cloud Storages like AWS, Digitalocean, Vultr, Contabo and many more


Documentation and changelog can be found at

Version 4.1 (08.08.2023)
+ An issue where the text on the feature page was showing white

Version 4.0 (07.08.2023)
+ Added Multiple File Upload
+ Added Chunk File Uploads
+ Added File Upload API
+ Improved Version 7 compatibility
+ Improved Performance & UI
+ Fixed An issue with Contabo Storage

Version 3.0 (27.03.2023)
+ Added Ability to upload new files to cloud storage like S3 and many others
You can set for files to be uploaded to any of the cloud storages supported by the script like AWS, Digitalocean, Vultr , etc
+ Improved Performance

Version 2.0 (15.11.2022)
+ Added FileStorage in Plans
You can now limit the disk size for users per plan. Configure your plans to enable it.
+ Added Branded Download Page
You can now allow users to upload their logo, add a custom title and choose a color scheme. Configure your plans to enable it.
+ Added Timer and Timer Animation
You can now set a timer before download starts with a cool animation.
+ Added Pixels
You can now add pixels to the download page
+ Added Ads on Download Page
You can now show ads in the downloads page. Just create a Responsive unit and that is it.
+ Improved Various Elements
Note: You need to upgrade the database. After uploading the plugin go to Admin > File Hosting > Settings and click on Upgrade.

Version 1.0 
+ Initial build
Rating 5
Sales 128
Price $27.00
Author KBRmedia
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