Fast Inspiring Piano Pack

Fast Inspiring Piano Pack - 1

Buy 2 LIGHT INSPIRING piano melodies for the PROFITABLE price!!!

1. Fast Piano Inspiration 1:11 Floating light aspiring piano.

2. Inspiring Exciting Piano 2:22 Emotional impetuous piano with strings ensemble.

MP3 and WAV of all tracks are included!

MOOD: feelings, inspiration, flight, advertising, inspiring, cinematic, warm, emotional, contemplative, thoughtful, deep, touching, heartwarming, hearttouching, loving, inspirational spirit, motivational, uplifting, motivational, impetuous, emotional, love, uplifting

USE: intro, opening, motivational video, exciting intro, miracle moment, beauty reveal, revolution and protest, travel vlog, mountains, breathtaking video, cinematic video, landscape videos, videos without words, exciting start, videos of beautiful travel spots, heartbreaking ads, adorable videos, inspirational ads, dreams come true video, cure, flying, timelapse, lovestory, wedding video, romantic video, romantic image, love movie, inspirational videos, inspireful stories, motivational ad, movies, television, YouTube channels, food, garden, nature, growing up children, advertising, series, television programs, commercial, YouTube channel intro, emotional, sentimental video, romantic, thoughtful, melancholic, life story, memories, inspiring, inspirational, cinematic, emotional movie, airy footage, timelapse, 4K footage, nature video, beautiful video, romantic video, love story and so on. INSTRUMENT: piano, strings ensemble, percussion, harp, choir, flute

TEMPO: medium fast

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