The Epic Trailer

Inspiring Epic Cinematic Dramatic

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Inspiring, energetic, melodic, beautiful and powerful track that is perfect for Slideshow, Movie Trailers, Teasers, Intro, Games, Sports Video, Advertising and other commercial projects!

Epic - 1

This cinematic and uplifting track is full of hope, emotion and heroism featuring upbeat, uplifting and powerful mood. Intense, emotional, dramatic, cinematic music with motivational and inspirational sound that bring to mind images of battle and victory that is perfect for chase or any action scene! It may be best cinematic trailer background music for epic video, film, advertising, applications, YouTube video, TV, teaser, promotions, documentary, action game, trailer, presentation, intro, sport video, travel or adventure video, slideshow, movies, visuals and other commercial projects! Stressful background music to cover the following visuals: war, battle, historical film, heroic scenes, etc.