Epic Inspirational Travel & Nature Pack


Epic Inspirational Travel & Nature/Pack.

The pack consists of:

1.Fly (00:00 – 08:31 on preview)

(1)1.Fly (Full Track 02min59sec)
(1)2.Fly (02min17sec)
(1)3.Fly (01min34sec)
(1)4.Fly (00min47sec)
(1)5.Fly (00min52sec)

2.Travel (08:31 – 14:41 on preview)

(2)1.Travel (Full Track 02min12sec)
(2)2.Travel (01min31sec)
(2)3.Travel (01min09sec)
(2)4.Travel (00min47sec)
(2)5.Travel (00min28sec)

3.Nature (14:41 – 23:00 on preview)

(3)1.Nature (Full Track 02min48sec)
(3)2.Nature (02min07sec)
(3)3.Nature (02min07sec)
(3)4.Nature (Loop 1)(00min38sec)
(3)5.Nature (Loop 2)(00min38sec)

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