Drive 80s Synth Pack

80s Montage, Car Advertising, Drive My Car, Future Starts

Drive 80s Synth Pack - 1 Drive 80s Synth Pack - 2

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This is a collection of synthwave music with cinematic and industrial elements. Perfect for retro commercials and presentations, retro-futuristic films and games, drive at night or into the sunset movies, scientific, technologies, space and many more projects, where need high-quality retrowave background Royalty Free Music for YouTube video and commercial use..

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Drive 80s Synth Pack contains the following songs:

1. 80s 80s (Main Version) – (2:42), WAV (0:00 – 2:42 in preview)

Main instruments: Retro synths, synthwave and downtempo drums and percussions, fx.

Tonality: Dm, tempo: 90

2. 80s Synth Retro Game

80s Synth Retro Game (Main Version) – (2:14), WAV (2:42 – 4:57 in preview)

Main instruments: Retro synths, retrowave and 80s cyberpunk drums, percussions, sfx.

Tempo: 120, tonality: Fm

3. 80s Synth Techno

80s Synth Techno (Main Version) – (2:14), WAV (4:57 – 7:12 in preview)

Main instruments: Retro synths, synthwave, industrial and cinematic drums, percussions, fx.

Tonality: Em, tempo: 120

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