Dark Investigative Documentary Drama Pack

A selection of 4 dark, thoughtful and atmospheric tracks.

These pieces could accompany:

- investigative documentaries with a serious, sinister tone
- reflective moments in dramas
- detective dramas / true crime podcasts
- explainers and vlogs with a dark, cinematic tone


Nordic Noir Investigative Drama – 2:06 (starts at 0:00)

Dark ambient piece for ominous moments.

Sparse piano chords and a sinister repeating note lead this piece through dark electronic textures, skittish drums and mysterious ambient tones. A sense of suspicion and of the unknown permeate this slow building ‘Nordic Noir’ style track.

Sinister Piano Ambient 2:34 (starts at 2:06)

Dark piano with an ominous and foreboding tone.

Atmospheric ambience, ghostly choirs and creepy percussion accompany a menacing, softly played piano, creating a sense of building tension, impending danger and a ghostly presence.

Unsettling Ambient Background 1:50 (starts at 4:40)

Dark atmospheric piece.

This piece of dark, unsettling ambient music creates a great background atmosphere for serious, ominous and foreboding moments in your projects.

Ambient Thoughtful Piano 2:21 (starts at 6:30)

Introspective ambient piece with a reflective tone.

This mellow electronic piece will provide a thoughtful and engaging background to any video with a serious, contemporary tone.

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