Dark Horror Synth Trailer

Dark Scary, Horror Movie, Synth Mystery

Audiorezout – Dark Premonition – this is a Battle Powerful Hybrid Music.
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery.
Style: Electronic, Hybrid, Sound Design
Situations: Loss, Sacrifice, Tragedy, Backstory, Origin Story, Sci-Fi, Future, Rise to Power, Saga, Journey, Shootout, Showdown, Military, Quest, Mission, Exploration, Battle Preparation, Dark City, Hero, Superhero, Space, Outer Space

Instruments: aggressive drums, death percussion, dark strings, gun one-shots, eerie tension signal, pulse, creepy synth, Sound Effects, Synth, Pulse, Synth Bass, klick clack, clock ticking, Synth Drones, Piano, Toms, Drums, Signature Sound, Signal, SFX.

Keywords: Dark, deep, big, threatening, dangerous, timekeeping, timekeeper, clock, creature, ping, rhythmic, anxious, driving, tense, heart-pounding, scary, thrilling, urgent, murderous, psychological, murderous, gargantuan, suspenseful, rising, growing, intensifying, building, terrifying, voices, frightening, unsettling

In the zip archive of the five versions of the track:
1.Full – 02:01
2. 60s
3. 30s
4. 15s
5. Sting – 00:09

Inspired by Hanz Zimmer, Audiomachine, Ninja Tracks, Two Steps From Hell, Really Slow Motion, Nick Road, Ciaran Birch, Mikkel Heimburger, Martin Hasseldam.

Royalty free background music for presentations, advertising, business videos, travel videos, sport, for tv and radio shows, broadcasts, podcasts, for YouTube or Vimeo videos, social media, facebook, Instagram, websites, for commercial projects and more.

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