Content Guard js | Anti-removal DOM

Content Guard js | Anti-removal DOM

Content Guard js is a lightweight script to protect the DOM from being deleted or tampered with. It will be aware of any html movement to protect it.

There are many pages that require a subscription to continue reading an article, a login to continue on the page or a floating window to read a statement that requires an action, but what happens if the user deletes or manipulates it to skip it? ... this is the reason for this plugin. It will make it difficult to erase or manipulate it.

2 main modes

  • Fullscreen mode add an overlay div which displays the content you want as a full screen modal with the protection provided by the plugin.
  • Selector mode select the desired elements from an existing html to apply the same protection.

What happens if you try to manipulate the content or remove it all?

In the first mode it will appear again and in the second the page will be reloaded.

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