Color Shift

Color Shift

Photoshop script help to create colors and generate palettes from one color.

- Quick and Easy
- Create your color unique by input and adjust your own palette
- Useful for inspire and pick color for your work
- Also checked color nearby in palette with contrast ratio
- Script with UI window

Insight: like the artist of visual art, I already have a hard time picking and play with the color inside my project. And everyone knew the color is the most important affecting of moods and emotion for user and viewer. Because of this, I’ve played and learned some useful tips to make this script. I hope this item will be useful for all of you.

You need to load script into PTS to use.
Please read Instruction file before using.
Only work with RGB mode color.
This action has been tested and works in Photoshop CC 2017, 2019 and 2020..
If you using Photoshop lower version, script may be not work.

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