COAL BLACK - Photoshop Action

COAL BLACK - Photoshop Action

COAL BLACK is an Instagram inspired photo filter. This incredible Action will transform your photos into a very cool & popular dark black color graded piece of art. You would just need Photoshop (CC2014 or newer) and no advanced skill. Now, anyone can truly be an artist!

The effect works best on – Photos with green/blue background, wedding portraits, urban photography, fashion/editorial photoshoots and images with solid textured background

Simply open your photo and just play the action. It’s really that simple! The action will do all the work for you, leaving you fully layered and customizable results that you can further modify.


  • Turns your photos into cool neon cyberpunk images
  • Simple, easy and fun to use – even for complete beginners.
  • Just open an image and run the action
  • Fully layered and customizable results
  • No advanced skill required
  • Great for social media influencers.
  • Commercial License

What’s included:

  • 1 ATN File Complatible with Adobe Photoshop CC2014 – CC2019 and 2020 Updated Version
  • Detailed PDF installation instructions File
  • FREE Product Updates for lifetime.

Tips and Tricks

  • To achieve high quality result, please try to use high resolution images. if you use low quality images, you will get low quality results.
  • All results work differently with each photo. This will be based on the colors, tones, lighting, etc.
  • After applying the presets, make sure to play around with further adjustments like Exposure, temperature, highlights, contrast, shadows, whites

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