Cinematic Piano Pack

Emotional Piano, Dramatic Trailer, Sad Piano

Cinematic Piano Pack - 1

An Emotional, sensual, Cinematic, atmospheric Cinematic Piano Pack with elegant Inspirational strings, refined beautiful Piano, background drums, Cinematic percussions, entranced flute! This Cinematic Piano track combines Sentimentality with dreaminess, Romance with Melodrama, Inspiration with strong deep Emotions! All these Emotional components make this Piano track unique in its sound!

Inspire Piano Piano ideal for timelapse, Cinematic, commercial, nature videos, Inspirational Clips, advertising, presentation, Wedding Videos, documentaries, historical, Melodrama Films, world news, Inspire Landcsapes, love story, Sentimental Videos, travel content, TV programmes, Romantic Films, YouTube clips, slideshow, Inspirational Movie, hopeful videos, Drama, motivational content, Autumn Thematics, event and many others projects with Inspirational Cinematic pictures, Romantic mood and with a sensual Melodrama feelings!

Tracks associations Music For Cinematic, Wedding Promotion, BBC Channel.

Cinematic Piano Pack includes 3 tracks:

1) Inspire Piano (duration – 2:04)
2) Atmospheric Cinematic (duration – 3:00)
3) Emotional Piano (duration – 1:38)