Cinematic Ambient Pack

Cinematic ambient pack consists off 4 atmospheric soundscapes :

1.Cinematic Ambient Background

Length – 2 : 20

Deep,emotional,electronic cinematic industrial space ambient. Made from many long digital sinthesized pads and fx’s. The mood of this soundscape is tragic,serious,tence. Makes you stop and think about being, about what is happening around.

This track remindes soundracks from movies like Dune or Blade Runner. Also can be a good soundtrack to something big space,landscape. At the same time this music is universal and can be a beutiful soundtrack to many content that needs in simple background sound or atmosphere.

2.Cinematic Ambient

Length – 2 : 30

Huge warm emotional universal electronic space ambient texture. Consists of many sinthesized pads and fx’s. The mood is serious,dramatic and tence remindes movies like Blade runner or Dune. At the same time can be a good background soundscape or atmosphere for any content.For example it can be a good sound to vocalize some big landscapes,or some fantasy adventure.

3.Cinematic Piano Ambient

Length – 2 :45

Emotional cinematic atmospheric piano ambient background soundscape. Made in dramatic,tragic,tension mood created by strings and synthesized pads.

4.Dark Soundscape

Length – 2 :30

Huge bassy deep dark electronic soudscape made in sci-fi,cosmic,space,technology,industrial mood.

The track describes a journey through something massive and eternal.Through something beyond human control. For example, it can be the sun or the black hole.Man can only look and admire through the porthole at the majestic figures that opened his eyes and philosophize about his place in nature.

Also it could be a good soundrack to urban or industrial content.

Cinematic Ambient Pack - 1

Cinematic Ambient Pack - 2 Cinematic Ambient Pack - 3

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