Authentic Spaghetti Western Soundtrack Pack

If you want that 60s spaghetti western aesthetic, this pack is for you.

This pack contains 4 authentic spaghetti western style pieces which draw influence from composers like Ennio Morricone.

Each has it’s own aesthetic suitable for cues such as “riding on the open plains”, “the chase”, “the stand-off”, “the day of reckoning” and “classic spaghetti western theme song”.

Of course these tracks would also be suitable for all manner of film cues set in modern and period settings as well as for adding a particular feel to a documentary, podcast episode or presentation.

Songs Included in Pack

Below are the tracks that are included in this pack in the order that they appear in the preview.
  1. Bring Me The West 4:02 (Galloping spaghetti western theme)
  2. The Tumbleweed’s Dance 3:05 (Showdown theme)
  3. Saddle & Open Plains 2:54 (Classic spaghetti western sound track theme)
  4. Whiskey Bottle Dawn 3:57 (Sombre “day of reckoning” theme)
All of these songs can be purchased individually by following the links as well.