Atmospheric For Video Pack

This is an atmospheric pack composed of three motivational tracks. Well suited for advertising, travel reviews, unpacking a variety of goods, for social networks, home video archives and other motivational projects. Excellent dynamics, variety of instruments, positive mood, modern sound design and professional mixing. Friends, please leave your comments! Thanks!

1. Atmospheric For Video Projects – 2:25

This is an atmospheric, gentle track for your videos, advertisements, filming from drones, for reviews of travel routes, unpacking goods, demonstrating new technologies, techniques and your other motivational projects. The melody of the metallophone and the piano is mesmerizing, the pads create a soft atmosphere, the correctly selected unhurried tempo of the drums, as well as background violins, the pulse of the guitar, low bass, the composition seems to float in zero gravity. Excellent sound design and professional mixing.

2. Atmospheric Pendulum of Life – 2:31

This is an atmospheric, inspiring, unusual track in a 7/8 rhythm, with a beautiful interweaving of melodies and rhythmic patterns. Well suited for advertisements, feature films and documentaries, for creating a background atmosphere in rooms, shops and waiting rooms, for video reviews of travel routes, for social networks and your other inspiring projects. Synthesizer background melody, soft female vocals, atmospheric pad, beautiful guitar melody, drums, percussion, background pulse and metallophone melody. Great sound design, mesmerizing atmosphere and professional mixing. Good luck!
  • Atmospheric Pendulum of Life 1 – 2:31
  • Atmospheric Pendulum of Life 2 – 1:27

3. Atmospheric Romantic Evening – 2:31

This romantic track is for your versatile motivational projects. A large palette of various instruments, bell and piano melody creates an inspiring atmosphere, the pulse keeps a good rhythm and orchestral violins create images and soft contrasts of the track. Use this track for wedding videos, drone flights, travel videos and friendly memories, for advertising a variety of products and technologies, for social networks, YouTube, etc. There are three versions in the folder:
  • Atmospheric Romantic Evening 1 – 2:06
  • Atmospheric Romantic Evening 2 – 0:56
  • Atmospheric Romantic Evening 1 – 1:21

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