Atmosphere Pack

Relaxing Meditation, Nature Ambience, Atmosphere Ambient

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This is a gentle, chill meditation music full of relaxing inspiring vibe with nature sounds and dreamy atmosphere. With soft and mellow ambient sound provides peaceful, deep space and a bit nostalgic memories. Create your upcoming project with that background filler piece for your creative product.

Perfect for any scientific or research video, promo marketing slideshow, timelapse project, yoga meditation, invention tutorial, cinematic documentary, science fiction, education, life or any voiceover media visuals.

1. Atmosphere (3 Versions)

Included 3 Versions:
Full Version (length 5:55)
Medium Version (length 4:30)
Short Version (length 3:04)

2. Soundscape (2 Versions)

Included 2 Versions:
Full Version (length 4:21)
Cut Version (length 2:39)

3. Soundscape Atmosphere (2 Versions)

Included 2 Versions:
Full Version (length 3:53)
Cut Version (length 2:30)

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