App Promo Pack

App Promo Pack – is a music pack which contains 3 energetic Hip-Hop tracks for your media project.

Boom-Bap style hip-hop tracks that would make the perfect music bed for your positive YouTube video blog, adventure Vimeo lifestyle vlog, promotional video, creative project or crowdfunding campaign.

You can use it everywhere – energetic commercials, film, websites, inspirational presentations, advertising commercial, youthful branding, background pulsing business radio podcasts, instruction video, advertising, web backgrounds, video projects, advertisement etc.

App Promo Pack - 1

Tracks included:

This Urban Vlog – 1:36, 0:25

Vlog – 1:07, 0:47

App Promo – 2:08, 1:16, 1:03

Total length – 4:53

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