Animals 2048 - Cute Puzzle Game For Kids

Animals 2048 - Cute Puzzle Game For Kids

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Animals 2048 - Cute Puzzle Game For Kids - 1


Animals 2048 is a game based on the classic 2048 puzzle with animals theme for kids. The goal is to reach 2048 number and also collect as much scores as possible. To move the cells use W, S, A, D or Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys on your keyboard. Alternatively you can use the on screen buttons. This is a great game to enjoy and relax in free time

Cross platform

The game works beautifully across all devices and platforms including desktop browsers, android and ios devices


  • Simple mechanism but fun and addictive
  • Cross platform, the game works on all browsers and devices
  • Export to native platform like Android and iOS using libgdx framework and Java programming language
  • Full source code and comprehensive build system using Gradle
  • Responsive design and adaptable to different screen size
  • High quality soure code with lot of comments
  • High quality documentation
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