80s Synthwave Retrowave Pack

Chillwave, Retrowave, Synthwave

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This Chillwave Synthwave Retrowave track in futuristic retrowave 80s style is the best choice if you need vintage retro background electronic music. Great for relax vlogs, atmospheric slideshow, 80s style video production, retro games.

Instruments I used: drum machine, synth bass, 80s lead synths, dreamy piano and atmospheric pads, dark reverb vocal samples for vintage and chill tune.

Mood: futuristic, fashion, retrowave, synthwave, chillwave, chillout, emotional, abstract beauty, 80s, nostalgic, vhs, vaporwave.

1. Synthwave Retrowave: 2:47

2. Retrowave Synthwave: 2:48

3. 80s Retrowave Synthwave: 2:31

4. Dark Synthwave Retrowave: 2:43

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the track are included in the download .zip.

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