3D Nature and Environment Icons

3D Nature and Environment Icons

Looking to make a killer nature presentation? Maybe you wish to raise environmental awareness? Whatever your goal is, grabbing people’s attention is a must. And what better way to do it than fresh 3D icons? Introducing the 30 3D Nature Icon Set.

Besides looking 100% natural (pun intended) these 3D icons are incredibly easy to customize. Change their size, shape, and color until they are perfect for your project. Enjoy!

TL;DR: 30 3D nature icons. Niche-specific, fully customizable. 5 formats.

Formats included: Blender, Figma, PNG, PSD

Icons you’re getting:

air, animals, autumn, canyon, cloud, day, desert, earth, fire, forest, grass, iceberg, lake, leaf, moon, mountain, night, oasis, ocean, plants, rain, river, snow, spring, storm, summer, sun, water drop, wind, winter

Why choose our icons? - Icon structure: Each file format in its own folder for your ease of use. - Attention to detail: Every icon is perfect down to a single pixel. We double-check that. - Customer Support: If you face any type of problem, we’ll help fast.

Our customers say:

“I love these icons, especially because they are organized and named so that you don’t have to dig around to find the one you want to use.” – michellellc

“These are great! Wide variety and very well organized.” – ktaylor310

“Really great images – super sweet and appealing and perfect for what I wanted. I love that they come in multiple image types and are so easy to use.” – thefulljenny

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For sets with PSD: Compatible with Adobe XD, Procreate, Figma, Sketch, Affinity Designer.

For sets without PSD: Compatible with Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Affinity Designer.